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she's gonna teach me how to swim

secondary blurb is needed

Italics Bold Stike Underline Link It

Since MGMT is rad and Forest Family is incredibly amazing. Pictures from yet another post over there, the girl who took them is very talented and a fashion goddess. This is such a neat layout I'm worrying that my messiness and usual clutter will forever disappear. Oh well, May calls for something different. Right?


PS - I wasn't sure what to do with the black space above the links. If you want to stick some little mini update box or your cbox or whatever just make a new panel and adjust the placement.

shock me with your electric feel

secondary blurb is needed

Do not:

- Remove credit, redistribute.
- Obviously claim as your own (stealing). - Use this code as a base code for your layouts.
- Edit/Replace images & text without permission.


- Change text/link color if you know what you are doing.
- Aligning the layout to center, left, right to fit your needs.


Hallo ihr lieben :D

ich habe nene neuen blog


schaut vorbei XD

16.8.09 22:46

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